All works are sold in private form only as they are not marketed, but produced by the author upon request, therefore they are prepared according to the buyer’s request and individually packaged. Prices are set by the author and are not negotiable.


All works are registered at SIAE and the author intends to defend the authorship and their uniqueness in case of plagiary, works reproduction or public broadcasting or any part thereof without permission.

Prices and conditions of payment:


Code Title Description Price
Venice Bells
cd-rom (full version)
€ 22,00
Venice Bells
audio-cd (Vol. 1-2)
€ 16,00
Saggi di campane a Venezia
audio-cd (special version)
€ 10,00
Le Campane di San Marco
audio-cd (special version)
€ _8,00
Le Campane di San Marco
cd-rom (special version)
€ 20,00
Campane - Scala Cromatica. The virtual belltower on your PC
pc-rom (special version)
€ 14,00
Campane a Venezia - The virtual belltowers
pc-rom (special version)
€ 12,00
Campane a Venezia - Le Campane di Auronzo e Lorenzago
pc-rom (special version)
€ _9,00


(Prices as of: 01/2020)


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- by "Registered letter" (available to Europe, America, Africa, Oceania and Asia)

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- by PayPal

- by Bank transfer

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MuVeC - Museo Veneto delle Campane - Montegalda (I)

Scampanotadò (I)

Associazione Campanari Veronesi - Verona (I)

Scuola Campanaria S. Giorgio in Braida - Verona (I)

Grassmayr Glockengiesser seit 1599 - Innsbruck (A)

Fonderia Capanni - Castelnovo ne' Monti (I)

Marinelli Pontificia Fonderia di Campane - Agnone (I)

Fonderia Allanconi - Ripalta Cremasca (I)

Fonderie Paccard - Annecy (F)

Fonderia De Poli - Revine (I)

Whitechapel Foundry - London (UK)

Unione Campanari Bolognesi (I) (I)

The Central Council of Church Bell Ringers (GB)

Sito ufficiale del Comune di Venezia (I)

Sito ufficiale del Comune di Auronzo di Cadore (I)

Consorzio Turistico Auronzo-Misurina (I)

Sito del Comune di Lorenzago (I)

ProLoco Lorenzago di Cadore (I)

"To the Barigozzi Family with gratitude and esteem"