Venice Bells! For all bell fans and campanologists here comes the Venice bells detailed collection!

Venice is famous all over the world for its colours, canals and monuments, but there is one side of Venice hidden to most of the people: its sounds.

The sounds of a hundred and more bell towers of this amazing and magic city, collected in this work, unique of its kind, whose aim is to let the bell fans know about these special objects.



The result of many years of researches and soundings, this multimedia guide collects most of the "a slancio" chimes of the Venetian city, like for example St. Mark's, Frari's, Carmini's and St. Donato's in Murano; but also others small chimes which maybe you did not even know.

Every chime (of two, up to eight bells, but also historical individual bells like "Magister Lucas" (the most ancient bell of the lagoon, melted in 1318) is described in every particular; from the editing system, with all its variants, to its weights, musical notes, support frame, foundries, the masters and creators who cast across the centuries and, of course, the inscriptions. Also those, most precious, about ancient bells recast or, worse, destroyed along with their monasteries and their churches (mostly because of Napoleon) which now do not exist anymore.


This is a guide designed for all the "campanologi" (people studying bells) or, however, to people who are not interested in bells as musical instruments only, but in bells like objects, primarily as artworks.

The guide, regurarly updated, is offered or in a complete-version (CD-Rom), or in audio-version only (Vol. 1-2), for those who are particularly interested in recordings.

Besides, two special versions in CD-Audio format are available:- "Saggi di campane a Venezia", a collection of 10 audio tracks, in which several "usual" ringings (bell sounds you can hear during every weekly-day, walking around Venice) are recorded, as well as sundays, and public holidays ringings.- "Le Campane di San Marco", in which the most famous and biggest chime of Venice is recorded. Five audio tracks, in hi-fi stereo quality, taken from recordings carried out on the St. Mark's belfry.

This version is also available as a special (CD-Rom), very well detailed, full of audio and video files, presented in an elegant graphic layout.

- "Campane - Scala Cromatica. The virtual belltower on your PC". A nice new PC-Rom to install on your own computer, and with which you will have fun and test a lot of tunings, choosing between nine different "a distesa" sound systems: " Slancio" , " Mezza Ambrosiana", "Mezza Ambrosiana Veloce", " Ambrosiano Veronese", "Slancio Tirolese", "Ambrosiano", "Slancio Friulano", "Ambrosiano a concerto" and "Ambrosiano Veronese a concerto".

- "Venice Bells - The virtual belltowers". Another new CD-Rom through a digital-mixer able to reproduce the sounds of the belltowers of Venice, with the same tonal nuances of real bells.
After the success with "Campane - Scala Cromatica. The virtual belltower on your PC" finally it comes a simulator that artificially reproduces even the Venetian bells, recreated and processed by the computer.

"Le Campane di Auronzo e Lorenzago". The last one of the series. It is a CD-Rom specially focused to the bells of Auronzo and Lorenzago di Cadore in the Belluno Dolomites. A new digital-mixer simulator that allows you to play the bells of Auronzo (Villagrande), Auronzo (Villapiccola), Lorenzago and the small bell of the "Grotta di Lourdes" of Auronzo .


©All works are available in Italian and English languages (except CD-Rom "Le campane di Auronzo e Lorenzago") and registered at SIAE.

Also available in digital format (ESD) for download.